Engage Your Audience

Catchy headlines build traffic, not engagement. Learn what your audience wants to read & write more of that. Build readership, not just traffic.

How many people actually read your blog?

Page views don't tell you how engaging your content is—only how intriguing your headline is.

Google Analytics and WordPress Stats count anyone who loads your page, regardless if they read your post. The Reader Metrics plugin for WordPress will watch how a visitor acts on your page to determine if they've actually read your content.

True engagement comes from people reading what you write. Stop tracking traffic and start tracking engagement. 

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Ignore Useless Views

Stop counting views that don't count. Ignore those that left immediately, scrolled without reading or just wanted to see if their comment had any replies.

Find Good Referrers

Discover the referrers that send you people who actually read your posts. StumbleUpon might give you lots of traffic, but does it give you readers?

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Answer: Fewer than you think.

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